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Full concept and execution for London music and movement artist JUM3E.

The designed symbol is a rounded, circular sign including a shield and a cross. Music is JUM3E’s weapon, his tool to reach out, inspire and spread love. As an individual has who battled depression, his mission is to lift his audience to a state of positive enlightenment and inject self confidence. As an artist coming from the deep estates of South London, he aims to give a voice to the unheard, empower the forgotten and raise awareness of social issues to the main stream public. JUM3E is a soldier of peace, an advocate for mental health, a master of movement, and first and foremost one of the worldwide leading figures of the “Slow & Reverb” music gender.

The symbol contains each letters of the word JUM3E, creating a unique typography, a new “code” reflecting his religious background and beliefs, and a visual language that will spread across of all his assets, whether static or animated.

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